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Master Post of all 2009 Big Bang fic

A Master Post of all 2009 Big Bang fics

1. Even Bratty Teenage Girls Fall in Love by snowishness

Pairing(s): Sharpay/Kelsi (main), Chad/Ryan (secondary), Taylor/Zeke (background), Troy/Gabriella (incidental)
Word Count: 11300
Rating/Warnings: PG-13, no warnings
Summary: Ryan pretends to have a crush on Gabriella, Chad makes his own decisions, Taylor tries to help, Sharpay's pretty sure she deserves the best of everything, and Kelsi plays a minor role in the musical.

2. All the Wasted Time by few

Pairing(s): Ryan/Chad friendship
Word Count: 16,004
Rating/Warnings: PG-13, nothing triggery I don't think
Summary: Senior year doesn't turn out at all like Ryan expected.

3. Danforth, the Latte Boy Or: Today, at 8:11 by kisforkurama

Pairing(s): Ryan/Chad, incidental Troy/Gabriella, past Chad/Taylor in passing
Word Count: I think it finally decided to quit at 10434. Which doesn't include whole sections I cut out for flow.
Rating/Warnings: PG-13. Also: this fic mentions Starbucks a lot.
Summary: Ryan is finding that the only thing more addicting than Starbucks coffee is Danforth's smiles. Funny how something as ubiquitous as Starbucks coffee brings people together, isn't it?

4. Unforgettable by bribitribbit

Pairing(s): Ryan/Chad, Troy/Gabriella, Ryan/OC, Zeke/Sharpay, Kelsi/OC
Word Count: ~26K
Rating/Warnings: R, infidelity
Summary: This was pretty much the worst adrenaline rush he had ever had, and for the worst reason. So he was in the vicinity of his high school boyfriend for the first time in a decade. So what? Time had passed. Things had changed. There was nothing between them anymore.

5. Wildcats: Beginnings by queenitsy

Pairing(s): Bits of Troy/Gabi and Chad/Taylor (and both het and slash UST)
Word Count: ~47,000
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 (some language, some violence); off-screen character death (no graphic or gory depictions)
Summary: The Wildcats -- Captain Bolt, Strawberry Sugar, Frappe, Go, and +ayl0r -- will go down in history as one of the greatest superhero teams of all time. But how did these heroes get started, and how did they come together as a team? And what about Chiaro and Scuro, the twin super villains (or are they just misunderstood)? And why the heck does Captain Bolt turn orange in direct sunlight..?

6. Usurping Oberon by roseclaw

Pairing(s): Chad/Ryan, Troy/Gabriella, past Chad/Taylor
Word Count: ~31,000
Rating/Warnings: R AU, slash, mix and matched mythology, a bit of gore
Summary: Have you read A Midsummer Night’s Dream? This is nothing like that. Wherein: Ryan is a Queen, Taylor has mad research skillz, Troy is both a stalker and a douche (he overcomes the latter), Gabriella has been a Disney Princess before there was even a Disney to princess, and Chad is in denial. So, situation normal.

7. He Could Be the One by allyxocorbin

Pairing(s): Chad/Sharpay, Troy/Sharpay, minor Troy/Gabriella
Word Count: ~21,000
Rating: M for some graphic sex scenes
Warnings: There is some roughness and someone gets slapped
Summary: Chad and Sharpay become friends (and maybe more) while going to U of A, but what will the return of Troy and the possibility of Troypay mean for Chadpay? Will Sharpay get what she's always wanted or lose what she never thought she needed?

8. A Little Song, A Little Dance, A Little Swing by the_afterlight

Pairing(s): Ryan/Chad
Word Count: 10184
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 / None
Summary: Sometimes things happen unexpectedly. Losing a bet has Chad spending a lot more time with Ryan Evans; the funny thing is, losing a bet has never made Chad feel so much like a winner.

9. Why Can't We Be Friends? by lielabell

Pairing(s): Chad/Ryan
Word Count: 29,576
Rating/Warnings: R
Summary: HSM AU set in a world where Troy and Gabriella never have their magic moment at the mike. Gabby is best friends with Ryan, Troy is singing with Sharpay and Chad is feeling left out in the cold. When he decides that Ryan should commiserate their side-kick no more status together, all hell breaks loose.

10. A Piece of You by blue_icy_rose

Pairing(s): Chad/Ryan, Troy/Sharpay and Zeke/Sharpay friendships, past Troy/Gabriella and Chad/Taylor
Word Count: 10,390
Rating/Warnings: R - AU, slash, some smut
Summary: Three years ago, Chad Danforth disappeared. Since then, the Evans twins have been searching for him in secret and now, they've found him. The problem? He doesn't remember anything about himself or anything else from his past. Instead, he's nothing but a Doll, waiting for the next imprint. Dollhouse!AU.


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