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Waking Up at the End of the World

Waking Up at the End of the World

Pairing(s): Chad/Taylor, Troy/Gabriella, Bob/Frank
Word Count: 16,000
Rating/Warnings: a little bit of violence
Summary: Destiny is the girl who sits behind Taylor in her English class, not something she has.

Part One
Part Two

Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content

Taylor: the longest living Slayer by kisforkurama

Don't Let Me Down

Don't Let Me Down

Pairing(s): Ryan/Chad UST, background Troy/Gabriella
Word Count: 14,852
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 References to past homophobic acts; the lingering effects thereof
Summary: After HSM1, Chad changes his mind again--he's not All In This Together after all. So he approaches the only person he can think of who wants to split up Troy and Gabriella as much as he does: Sharpay. Her plan? Enlist the help of her baseball-player brother who swore off performing years ago.

Part 1, Part 2

Fic: Stop, Swing

Stop, Swing

Pairing: Chad/Ryan
Word Count: 27,344
Rating/Warnings: R-ish
Summary: Troy's not the only person who's not himself the summer between junior and senior year, some people just hide it better. A Chad and Ryan bodyswap story.

Disclaimer & Author's Notes
Part One
Part Two
Part Three & Epilogue

Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content
you on the outside, and me on the inside (there's advantage to both) by kuperkeikka
Hey guys! Today is the last day of September. That means that everything is due: all final drafts of fics and bonus material!

If you're handing in a fic make sure you include your lj name, title of the fic, and final word count.

If you're handing in a mix, please include your lj name, the url, track listing, and album art and title if you have it.

If you're handing in art, please include your lj name and attach the art - and title of your art if you have one.

All email should be sent to hsmbigbang@gmail.com by midnight tonight!


Just a reminder that all bonus material and the final drafts of fics are due in one week.



Mixers/artists/vidders, please choose the number of ONE fic you'd like to mix, vid, or create art for and respond with the fic number, which medium you're working with (mix/vid/art), and your email address. Once a number is chosen, it'll be crossed off the list. You may choose a second fic to create bonus material for only if you submit a completed copy of the mix/art/vid beforehand. Once every fic has been claimed, then there is the possibility to double up with bonus material.

SummariesCollapse )

Please allow a grace period to receive the fic you chose.

Rough drafts

Attention writers!

The rough draft of your fic is due today, August 31st. If it's August 31st anywhere on the earth, you can still send them in. Please e-mail your draft to hsmbigbang@gmail.com as an attachment (.doc, .rtf or .txt), with the following information in the body of the e-mail:

Your lj name:
Pairing(s) (if applicable):
Any warnings (if applicable):

[fic attached]

Your summary should be a few sentences or short paragraphs: enough to grab the attention of a fanmixer/artist/vidder. The rough draft of your fic should be over 10,000 words and roughly complete. You have a month to edit it.

Those who are not writers! You have until midnight tonight to sign up to be a fanmixer/artist/vidder if you've been waiting!

Please be patient with us. My internet is down. (I'm currently mooching off Starbuck's Wifi.)


Aug. 16th, 2010

Greetings all!

This is your two week reminder! Rough drafts are due in two weeks. Remember, they need to be at least 10k long and if you have skipped around in the time line, make sure you include fillers so the people creating bonus material for you know what's going on in your story!

There's still time to sign up to create bonus material! And we need more people to sign up! You can sign up here!


There is one more day to sign up to write a story for this round of High School Musical Big Bang!

The sign-ups for creating bonus material will stay open until August, when rough drafts for stories will be due.


Please comment to this post if you’d like to sign up to create fanart, a fanvid, or a fanmix (or a combination of them if you’re ambitious) in the HSM Big Bang! For those of you with questions or comments, please respond to this post.

For fanartists:

The fanart can be done in any medium: traditional arts or on the computer. However, it needs to be saved as a jpg.

For fanvidders:

The fanvid you create should be between 2:00 and 5:00 minutes. If you use fanart that is not your own, please ask the artist for permission to use it.

For fanmixers:

The fanmix you create should be between 12 and 20 songs (the length of a CD). Please do not include more than one song from the movie trilogy and no more than one song by any of the singers in the trilogy. For example, if you include “Celebrate You” by Corbin Bleu, then you cannot include “Get Your Ass On” by Lucus Grabeel, but you can include “We’re All in this Together.” We want diversity here. We already know that HSM has a soundtrack for each movie: we want new, exciting mixes that fit the theme of the fic.

When you finish your fanmix, please upload it to megaupload.com or mediafire.com (not sendspace.com) and send the url and track listing and, if you have it, album art.

Sign-ups will stay open until August 31 at midnight CST. Summaries of stories will be up early September for claiming. Finished fanvids will be due on September 30.

Please comment with the lj name you will be using for this fic and your email address and specify which of the three you'd like.